3D Archery Target Scoring Explained – Scoring Rings, Points & Tips

14Upper right corner of vital area. Only during shoot downs.
12Small circle under or above the 11 ring.
11Small circle in the center of the 10 ring. 25% size of the 10 ring
10Circle in the vital area.
8Vital area covering heart, lung, and liver area.
0Miss or hit on outline or animal horn without color.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about scoring points in 3D archery. I was once new to 3D archery as well, and I understand how confusing it can be with different scoring systems for different courses. I’ve tried to compile everything you need to know on this page, in the most simple format possible. I hope you find this information helpful.

Points vary from zero to 14 points depending on course and class. Body hits give 5 points. The vital area scores 8+ points and approximately covers the heart, lung and liver area. Various circles inside the vital area score 10 points and sometimes more. A scorekeeper keeps the score on a scorecard.

3D scoring terms

Shooting even means scoring an average of 10 points on all targets. For a 30 target course, an even score would be 300. Shooting even or close to even is considered a good score.

Shooting up means scoring above 10 points on average. For a 30 target course, a score of 305 would be shooting 5 up. Shooting up is considered a great score.

Shooting down means scoring less than 10 points per target on average. For a 30 target course, a score of 280 would be shooting 30 down. Most archers end up with shooting down, and you can still sometimes place top 5 with a 15 down.

Scoring ring sizes

Ring sizes vary on different animals for both IBO and ASA. Sizes range from 2,13 inches (Strut Turkey) to 8,25 inches (Elks). Most animals 10 ring are 5 inches. The most common 3D target, medium deer, has a 5 inch 10 ring. The 11 ring is about a quarter size of the 10 ring.

The highest possible tournament score

ASA tournaments consist of two 20-target courses, split up in two days. A perfect score would yield 440 points, 11 points per target. The final event, the shoot down, consists of 6 targets with a maximum score of 84 points, 14 points per target.

IBO tournaments usually consist of 20-target courses, split up in two days. A perfect result would be 480 points, 12 points per target. IBO tournaments do not have a shoot down.

Some courses don’t use the 11 and 12 ring. Instead, you’ll be given an X. an X is worth 10 points and is used for tie-breakers. In case of a tiebreaker, the archer with the most X’s wins.

Some classes, like the open class, have 30 targets instead of 40. 3D targets run for one day.


At an ASA national event, the top 5 finishers from each professional class move on to the pro shootdown. This is where you can score 14 points by hitting the circle located in the upper right corner of the vital area. This is a risky move because you might miss the 14 ring, and end up only hitting the body (5 points) or the vital area (8 points).

3d archery shoot average score

The average score depends on the course and the class. Some courses are more difficult than others, and some classes only use recurve bows as opposed to compound bows.

On 30 target courses, the average is 275 for intermediates, 25 points down. On 40 targets, the average is 380, 20 points down.

A good score would be close to even, and a great score would be up by 15 for ASA, and up by 30 for IBO.

For kids, a good score could be anywhere from 260-280 points.


Most of the time, a scorecard will be given to the scorekeeper to keep track of your points. These are also available as an app to your iPhone or Android. Just make sure you use the right format for the course you’re shooting at. The shooter and scorekeeper can’t be the same person.

How to score a 3d archery target / Improve

I’ve written a guide on how I improved my archery stance, accuracy and consistency and judging yardage. Feel free to have a read them if you want to start shooting even or up.